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Please use our easy guides on how to get your business on the web.
bullet How to get started on the Internet
bullet How to promote your web site

How to get started On the Internet
If you are not familiar with the Internet and hosting services, please read through this section to familiarise yourself on what is involved in hosting a web site.

bullet What is the Internet?
bullet What is a web site?
bullet What is Web Hosting?
bullet What is a domain name?
bullet Which steps are needed to get a web presence?

What is the Internet?
A worldwide network of computers that have the ability to exchange information and display web pages.

The Internet can be used to:
advertise your business via a web site
provide support to clients
purchase products
e-commerce (to set up a storefront to sell goods and services)
retrieve information
send and receive e-mail
play games
do research
send and receive faxes
check and buy stocks
make travel arrangements
find entertainment
chat with others via chat rooms

What is a web site?
The web site is a collection of pages that can include graphics, animation, banners, text, etc.
The Home Page is the first page or main page of the web site. Other pages link to this page. It can be looked at as being the table of contents page and/or welcome page.

What is Web Hosting?
This service is provided by an Internet Service Provider like us (movetech.co.ke) who has the ability to display web pages on the Internet. We provide storage space for your web pages on our computer servers.

You use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program to transfer the web pages you (or someone else) have created from your PC to the computers of the Internet Service Provider.
Your Internet Service Provider will provide you with a password to log into their computer that will enable you to transfer the web pages to their computer.

What is a domain name?
A domain Name is the unique name that identifies an Internet site. Domain Names always have 2 or more parts, separated by dots. The part on the left is the most specific, and the part on the right is the most general indicating the country of origin (e.g. .za for Kenya) and type (e.g. .org for non-profit organisations)

Examples of a domain name are www.yahoo.com or www.movetech.co.ke.

A domain name is an address on the Internet. Almost like a residential address. When you type http://www.yahoo.com into your browser's address box you are taken to http://www.yahoo.com that is the web site of Yahoo.

You can usually register your domain name at the firm you choose to host your site on. The name belongs to you and you can move it to any hosting company. A domain name can be registered at the following web page - www.movetech.co.ke

Which steps are needed to get a web presence?

You will have to decide:
1.    with which Internet Service Provider you/your company are going to host your web site
2.    which domain name to obtain
3.    if you are going to design the web site yourself or let someone else do it for you.

On deciding on a hosting company, make sure you are comfortable with the way you will be able to administer your account. Is it easy to log-in, do they provide a well laid-out area (control panel) enabling you to transfer your web site from your PC to their servers, can you create your own email addresses, etc?

After you have chosen your host, the question of registering a "domain name" would come up. When obtaining a domain name you have to consider whether you are targeting your web site at the local market and thus a local address (.co.ke) would do. If you are more interested in the international market you could try to obtain a .com or .net name, although the most popular names have been taken.

If you plan to sell goods or services on the web, and you're not familiar with building web sites, we would highly recommend that you get a professional web designer or web-designing house to do it. Once you are familiar with web design and most of the aspects that goes with it, you may decide to do it yourself. It would also be wise to consult them on what you plan to do. They should be able to give you ideas on how to make your venture a success.

If you consider doing transactions over the Internet and obtain credit card details from clients, you'll have to use of a "secure server" for transfer of the credit card and client information. A "secure server" is a server (machine connected to the Internet that serves web pages) that protects details sent by a web user over the Internet by encrypting the data. If you plan on using a secure server, make sure that your hosting company gives you this option.

You have to be registered as a "credit card merchant" - most businesses are - in order to receive the credit card information and process it. A number of businesses specialise in linking your store to your bank and handle transactions electronically. In the beginning you may decide to receive the credit card details of the client and process it manually through your "speed point" or credit card machine. When the sales volumes start to grow you may decide to join a firm that processes the credit card electronically.

After your site is designed and ready it will have to be uploaded (transferred) to the server on which you've rented space.

You are now ready to start promoting your web site.


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