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Nokia Symbian Smartphone

To setup an e-mail account on a Nokia Symbian Smartphone:

1. Go to 'Messaging' -> 'Options' -> 'Settings' -> 'Email' -> 'Mailboxes'

2. Select 'Options' -> 'New mailbox' -> 'Start'

3. Select 'POP3' -> 'Next'
4. Enter your email address name@your-domain.com -> 'Next'

5. Enter your incoming mail server (pop.your-domain.com) -> 'Next'

6. Enter your outgoing mail server (smtp.your-domain.com) -> 'Next'

7. Select your connection type (Contact your network service provider if you are unsure) -> 'Next'

8. Enter your mailbox name (e.g. "My inbox", "John's mailbox", etc.) -> 'Next' -> 'OK'

9. Select your newly created mailbox and select the 'Options' menu
10. Select 'Open' -> 'Connection'

11. 'Settings' -> 'Incoming email'

12. Enter your email account's user name and password -> 'Back'

13. Select 'Outgoing email' and enter your email account's user name and password -> 'Back'
14. Scroll down and change the 'Port' setting from 'default' to 587

15. Click 'back' until you have exited all of the email account setup screens.

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