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Windows 8 Mail

To Setup an e-mail account with Windows 8 Mail:

1. Launch and select the search icon from the charm bar on the right hand side.

     Search icon

2. Search for Mail and launch the Mail application.

     Mail application

3. Select View all in Settings from the bottom left of the screen.

     View all - Settings

4. Select Other Account from the menu on the top right of the screen.

     Other Account

5. Click the Show more details link on your screen.

     Show more details
6. Enter your email account details.

     Email Address: The email address you are sending email from.
     Username: The email address you are sending email from.
The password used for this email account.
     Incoming mail server: mail.yourdomain.com [Port: 110].
     Outgoing mail server: mail.yourdomain.com or your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) outgoing mail server [Port: 587].

    Click Outgoing server requires authentication.
    Click Use the same username and password to send and receive email.

    Click [Connect]

    Account details

7. You have completed your account setup.

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