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How to email data from a website using a Web Form

How do I configure FormMail?

What is FormMail?
FormMail is a universal WWW form to E-mail gateway. There is only one required form input tag which must be specified in order for this script to work with your existing forms. Other hidden configuration fields can also be used to enhance the operation of FormMail on your site. The end of this file has a history that will explain the various changes FormMail has made throughout its lifetime.

How do I configure my Form?
There are only 3 steps that need to be followed in order to make use of the FormMail script.

1. The URL of where the script is located using the POST function.
After you have added a Form into your webpage, go to the Form Properties > Options and change it to the POST function using the following URL: http://www.movetech.co.ke/cgi-bin/clients/FormMail.pl

2. The recipient to where you want the email to go to.
Go to the Form Properties again, this time click on advance and add a hidden field called recipient with the the value of your email address or where you would like the email to be sent to.

3. The redirect page where you want to display Thank You
Add a hidden field called redirect and add the URL where the thank you page is located.
http://www.mywebsite.co.ke/thank_you.html (example)

When you are done with the above steps, please contact us to add the recipient email address to our recipient list.

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